dance for me, charles

30 days of asoiaf - day eightmost exciting pov - arya/catelyn and the red wedding

30 days of asoiaf - day fivefavourite house motto - winter is coming

30 days of asoiaf - day eighteenfavourite story from history - the children of the forest
Legend holds that the Children of the Forest ruled Westeros for thousands of years before the arrival of the first humans on the continent twelve millenia ago. They inhabited the vast primeval forests which spanned most of Westeros and worshiped nature gods, the countless and nameless spirits of every tree, every rock, and every stream. According to legend it was the Children that carved faces into the sacred Weirwood trees.

30 days of asoiaf - day twenty onecharacter most in need of a break - theon greyjoy

30 days of asoiaf - day sevenfavourite promotional photo - tywin lannister

30 days of asoiaf - day twenty fourfavourite memory - daenerys and the red door in braavos
30 days of asoiaf - day twocharacter you feel the need to defend - jorah mormont

Now, I don’t necessarily feel the need to defend anyone in the series. They’re doing fine on their own. But if I have to choose, I’d choose Ser Jorah.Constantly having to explain why I like him is one thing. The other is how protective I got when Dany decided to banish him. I had this huge argument in my head with her. Yes, he made mistakes. Plenty of them. But he changed and he changed for the better and he loves you, Daenerys. Doesn’t that mean anything?
dance for me, charles