dance for me, charles


for this one over here.

the anon who asked wanted the psd but that won’t help you much on its own because most of the layers are merged. so i’ll give a quick walkthrough as well.

here’s the psd for the whole graphic.

1. i found this texture at the depths of my folders and it immediately sparked. i changed the hue/saturation a bit but i can never remember how much exactly. i also made the moon more yellow.

2. casterly rock is made up of these two images. i applied a different gradient on both of them. remaking the exact gradients would take up a lot of time and i don’t have that right now, so i’ll just have to direct you to my previous tutorial on gradients, you can take an example from there and just change the colours to get them just as you like.
as usual, i first duplicate the layer, set the new layer’s blending mode on screen and then apply a gradient on the ‘screen layer’. that way the original colours shine through a bit and it will be more playful.

3. and i always play around with hue/saturation after i’ve applied a gradient to get the tones perfectly balanced. it’s much easier to do it that way.

4. here’s the psd for tywin alone. it was originally done by michaela, but roughly edited by myself. after i’d pasted it onto the graphic and set the blending mode to screen, i went and tweaked the levels and hue/saturation. i made the dark tones even darker, desaturated the blues, changed the hue of the reds and saturated the yellows. and in the end i must’ve desaturated the whole image just a bit because that’s what i usually do.

5. the hardly visible white text behind casterly rock is IM Fell English. and i ‘converted’ it into a regular image layer in order to erase some of the text so it would appear to be behind the rock. to do that, you need to create a blank layer underneath your text layer and then merge the text layer onto that.

and that’s it, i think. nothing else really needs an explanation.

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dance for me, charles